Studies show that 1 in 4 employees is grieving at any given time.* In addition to the negative impact on the quality of life for the bereaved, grief can have a significant impact on an his/her productivity and can impact the workplace environment. the kite network offers customized educational programs designed by a licensed grief professional to help your company or organization support bereavement and build a culture of health.


Lunch and Learn:  

Grief is universal. Most adults will experience the death of a loved one during their lifetime. Grief can impact all aspects of life, including work life and productivity. When a colleague or friend has suffered a loss, it is often difficult to know what to say or do. If it is someone close to you it may be difficult to accept that you cannot take away their pain, or you may worry that talking about their loss may make them feel sad. If it is someone you do not know well, you may feel afraid of intruding, or simply not know what to say, or do, to help.

Having a better understanding of grief may be helpful when we lose a loved one ourselves, or when interacting with friends or colleagues in grief. During this one hour Lunch and Learn we will:

  • provide a general overview of grief in order to help participants understand the range of normal grief symptoms and experiences,
  • discuss strategies for supporting work colleagues who have lost a loved one, and
  • share resources to support healthy grieving


Grieve Well: Grief in the Workplace

Going more in depth than the lunch and learn, during this 2 hour workshop participants will not only learn the basics about grief, but will also learn and practice effective ways to support an individual in grief, including what to say (and what NOT to say), tips for supporting individuals in grief, and how to handle special dates such as holidays and anniversaries.


*Grief Index: The “Hidden” Annual Costs of Grief in America’s Workplace 2003 Report. The Grief Recovery Institute Educational Foundation, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA. 2003.